I love it. It's absolutely amazing and a great help. I wish we had more time. I love that I get to do art with my mentor.
Hedland Senior High School student

We’re watching students achieve more than they ever thought possible

Education plays a fundamental role in preparing young people for a positive future. The EdConnect program continues to highlight the many benefits that ongoing support and early intervention can have on student behaviour and academic achievements, with more and more people within the community putting their hands up to mentor students in the classroom.

Now in its fourth year, the partnership between EdConnect and the Roy Hill Community Foundation is continuing to grow, with plans in place to extend the Pilbara Mentors program to Newman later this year. This expansion will give more students throughout the Pilbara the opportunity to benefit from one-on-one assistance, while helping to address some of the challenges faced by schools in the region.

Behaviour issues and low attendance rates are often cited as two of the biggest hurdles faced by schools in the Pilbara. By working closely with students, the Pilbara Mentors program has already seen a marked improvement in student behaviour (both amongst fellow students and teachers) as well as ongoing benefits in general performance and concentration.

The mentor joins the student during class, and helps him a lot with his classwork so that he catches up with the rest of the class. The student really loves his time with her and he’s started valuing his time in class.” – Teacher feedback

The extension of the Pilbara Mentors program will continue to see more and more students within the Pilbara receive valuable life skills and development opportunities. Our Foundation will continue to work towards making this possible and to uncover new possibilities in the future.