Who we are

The Roy Hill Community Foundation is a partnership that includes Roy Hill contractors, Traditional Owner Groups, business partners and suppliers working together to make a lasting difference in the Pilbara. Bringing together a diverse range of companies and individuals is our key strength and helps us to make an impact and a real difference.

The Management Committee and Working Groups determine the activities and priorities of the Foundation, and all partners are represented on committees. The Roy Hill Community Foundation is an integral part of the Pilbara’s future, investing in programs which deliver sustainable benefits to the community.

Our partners

Roy Hill Community Foundation
Working Groups 2017

Management Committee

Barry Fitzgerald (Roy Hill) Chairperson
Kevin Jamieson (NAB)
Hugh Davin (Network Aviation)
Mike Sutton (Downer)
Eric Green (Hitachi)
Alex Jo (Samsung)
Ginia Rinehart (Hancock Prospecting)

Vinay Neelakantam (Roy Hill)
Shane Cable (Guma ICRG)
Greg Hawkins (Roy Hill)
Tim Davern (Qantas)
Jeanette Hasleby (Roy Hill)
Dina Erba (Executive Support)

Arts, Culture and Enterprise Working Group

Kevin Jamieson (NAB) Chairperson
Scott Houston (ERS) Chairperson
Eric Green (Hitachi)
Robbie Williams (Hitachi)
Hugh Davin (Network Aviation)

David Milroy (Traditional Owner)
Andrew Tsoulis (Roy Hill)
Jeanette Hasleby (Roy Hill)
Monique Pasqua (Pasqua Consulting) Executive Support

Fundraising Working Group

Mike Sutton (Downer) Chairperson
Clem Sears (Downer)
Ginia Rinehart (Hancock)
Marguerite Olivier (Hancock)

Tim Davern (Qantas)
Tammy O’Connor (PTK)
Jeanette Hasleby (Roy Hill)
Sally Kwintowski (Roy Hill) Executive Support

Education Working Group

Robbie Williams (Hitachi)
David Wallace (JBWere) Jason Farrow (JBWere) – alternative
Jeanette Hasleby (Roy Hill)

Aaron Sawmadal (Roy Hill)
Jason Raven (Roy Hill)
Deb Shaw (Roy Hill) Executive Support

Health Working Group

Gareth Baynam (Perth Children’s Hospital)
Professor Hugh Dawkins (Department of Health)
Carol Wallbank (Create Enterprises)
Daniel Whiston (NS Projects)

Blaze Kwaymullina (North West Waste Alliance)
Jeanette Hasleby (Roy Hill)
Christine Eriksen (Roy Hill)
Frida Blom (Executive Support)

Dwight Clarke (JBWere) – Advisor to the Working Groups