Creating ongoing opportunities throughout the Pilbara

The Roy Hill Community Foundation was established in 2015 as a collaborative social investment program. The Foundation brings together a diverse group of organisations, businesses and Traditional Owner groups.

Our strength as a Foundation lies in what we can achieve together, allowing us to leverage and invest in health, education and the arts in the Pilbara.

Our Foundation operates within the footprint of Roy Hill’s iron ore operations, which includes the communities of the three Traditional Owner groups: the Kariyarra, Palyku and Nyiyaparli people.

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We can achieve so much more as a group of companies by combining our resources and working together.

Barry Fitzgerald, Inaugural Chairman.

The Pilbara is alive with stories, culture, history and astounding natural beauty. The Roy Hill Community Foundation is intertwined with the Pilbara community, bringing together Traditional Owner groups, and various companies, business partners and suppliers to identify areas of need.

Our goal is to not simply give money away, but to bring exciting programs to life that have the potential to shape lives for the better.

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Education and Training

Helping to create better futures for students

Education plays a fundamental role in shaping young people for the future. Our Foundation is proud to partner with EdConnect Australia to provide mentoring opportunities for students in Port Hedland schools, as well as a thriving scholarship program at St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School.

Education stories
of mentorship
in the mentorship program
Roy Hill KEMH - 026

Working with the community to solve medical mysteries

The Pilbara is home to world-class medical innovation and technology. Pilbara Faces and Lyfe Languages are wonderful examples that are supported by the Roy Hill Community Foundation. These programs are changing lives through advanced medical technology and culturally sensitive care.

Health stories
installed to aid in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of rare diseases in Aboriginal children.
Young Australian of the Year
Arts & Culture

Working together to create a winning performance

Our Foundation supports a range of arts and culture programs. These programs bring people and place together through shared performances, stories and experiences. Our partnership with the West Australian Ballet has created a number of community and local performance opportunities, with many more to come.

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supported in performances

We are Making a difference

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By partnering with the Roy Hill Community Foundation, you’ll be directly supporting a range of positive benefits for the Pilbara and its people. Our close-knit team shares a collective drive to hit the ground running and redefine what’s possible – and we’d love for you and your organisation to be part of the story.

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